Need to get away from it all?
Blissbreathers are the perfect holiday for revitalizing your spirit while catching up with friends. Imagine visiting a bustling, fashionable seaside resort, a place where your senses are awakened and engaged by the undulating waves' salt-scented spray and ever-changing colours of the sea. Or are you inspired by sublime mountain landscapes? In awe of the panoramic view, the majestic peaks emerging from dense, billowing clouds? Enjoy the thrill of crisp air upon your cheek while you ski? Perhaps you prefer an idyllic countryside retreat? Take pleasure in the sight of a field of delicate wildflowers or aroma of freshly mown grass? Prefer the cool, peaceful shade of sinewy trees and enchanting songs of native birds? Or might the idea of lounging in a hammock on an island retreat be more to your taste? The warm waters lapping gently upon the shore, the smell of coconut lotion on a soft breeze? Whichever you decide, follow your passion by selecting the environment below that best represents your ideal getaway to see the Blissbreather locations currently offered by Ladies&.
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