Begin a journey with us - one that promises to put your important frienships at the center of your focus
Why do we need voyages for women only? Most voyages are geared to the general population, and there are entire industries organized around business travelers, families, and couples. But who is tailoring their services and attention to women friends who are trying to connect?
At Ladies & the City, we offer the best girlfriend getaways or as we like to call them, Voyages. Every element of your trip is carefully selected with women in mind and we simplify your travel planning so you can focus on the most important part of your trip: quality time with your girlfriends.
Because we like to vary our experiences, Ladies & has developed voyages that fit into four categories:
Escape the hassle and stress of your everyday routine and rejuvenate in the natural environment that best replenishes your body and soul: Seaside, Mountain, Country, or Island
For you city girls at heart, travel to the world's most sophisticated "hotspots" for some shopping, culture, and fun!
Revel in an atmosphere of elegance, style, and glamour at prestigious, international events.
For those who want an incredible experience, who enjoy luxuriating in an atmosphere of elegance, style and glamour, your days filled with one-of-a-kind pleasures or exclusive red-carpet events, these sophisticated voyages are the natural choice.
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